On Sunday, April 13 2014, Books on Bikes worked with Light House Studio to film a video to use for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The goal of our campaign is to raise $5000 so we can purchase the 3 cargo bikes we need for our project. We need a great campaign that people will feel great about donating to. We need a great video people can share all over the Internet! Since we don’t know much about film making, we needed help. Light House Studio is a non-profit located in downtown Charlottesville that teaches film making to children in workshops, summer programs and through different outreach programs throughout the city. They know what they are doing! Thanks Zoe and Deanna for all of your help! Check out their website for info on their programs and sign your kids up for a workshop or summer camp! http://lighthousestudio.org/

We met with Light House about a month ago and shared our idea with them. They loved it and were excited to work with us. They were going to provide the equipment and expertise and we just needed to provide the kids to help us make it! At that time it was still snowing and we wondered if spring would show its face so we could film outside. We got together a week before filming to plan our shots and practice some of the trickier elements of our plan.  The weather started looking better and daffodils and cherry trees started blooming.


Book crossing

We were ready for our big film shoot. We had asked students from Walker Upper Elementary to join us on our filming day to help us out. On Sunday, many wonderful and helpful students showed up and were ready for a fun day on the set of their first film. We met in the morning at Friendship Court. Ms. Clark and Ms. Flowers gathered up some kids from the neighborhood and we had a whole crew! There were about 25 kids, teachers, and Light House helpers all together. We took off on a parade through Belmont and ended up at our first scene, the steps of Clark Elementary School. But before we got started, we all needed at freezee pop break (Books on Bikes always travels with freezee pops after all).


Opening scene on the steps of Clark

Our first scene was one of the trickiest but having lots of little hands made the job easy. We had students involved in setup, execution, and filming. Some of our littlest team members became cameramen that day. It was great to see them working together, giggling, shushing, and calling out film lingo. “Camera ready!” “Recording!” “Action!


Young cameramen

Our younger helpers got a little squiggly, so Ms. Craig walked them back home so they would be ready to help when we got back down to Friendship Court. In the meantime, Ms. Flowers stuck with our Walker team to continue filming the rest of our scenes at Clark and in Belmont. It was a beautiful warm summer-like day, we no longer had the threat of snow, that’s for sure!


Books through Belmont

Our final scene needed to happen on the field and basketball court at Friendship. We had another tricky shot and the wind wasn’t helping. We needed to make a few adjustments but we were determined to make it work! We also needed a star, we needed a kid! We were surrounded by them! Our star came in the form of an adorable Clark kindergartner. If nothing else encourages you to help us out, this little darling will! She was one of our book recipients last summer, although she didn’t really remember (I think being 4 may have had something to do with that). These kids are why we are doing this and having them be a part of our video was very important to us. Plus they are sweet and adorable, so that helps too.


Final scene at Friendship

Be on the lookout for our video. Our goal is to have it live by May 1st. We hope it spreads through the Internet like wildfire. Your help in spreading the word, sharing our video and Kickstarter campaign, facebook page, website, and simply talking about our program to everyone you know will be a great way to find friends that want to help fund our project. If you are able to donate, we will really appreciate that too! Just imagine seeing us riding those awesome bikes around Chalottesville, knowing that we are on our way to bring books (and freezee pops) to excited children that need books in their homes, and knowing that you helped make it happen. We can’t do it without you.