Books on Bikes Summer 2015

Our summer has gotten off to a great start! We are on our 4th week of Books on Bikes summer 2015. We have visited most of our neighborhoods twice, unless a rainstorm got in our way. Here are some highlights so far.

Week 1

Celebrity guest riders: Ms. Eiley, Harper, Louise, Ms. Esposito, and Julia

Our students were introduced to Ms. Diaz’s therapy dog celebrities, Luna and True. They will be joining us all summer to show our students just how kind dogs can be. They can pet them, read to them, share their popsicles (Luna’s favorite), or just stand a little closer until they feel comfortable. If they are scared they don’t have to visit with them, but we’ve discovered that most kids will give it a try.

Lots of smiling faces, free books, and frosty freezee popsicles!

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Week 2

Celebrity guest rider: Kevin

Dog celebrity: Luna

Our ride to Riverside was pretty quiet and really hot! We think everyone was trying to stay cool inside. We did find a few friends and then stopped by Riverview Park to find some more. Guess where we found them? Swimming in the river! They took a swim break to get books and popsicles. We had lots of friends at Westhaven later in the week! We almost ran out of popsicles!

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Week 3

Our first rain-out happened this week. We weren’t able to visit Friendship Court. We don’t like rainy days! But our trip to Greenstone was great, a little hot but nice and dry! We saw lots of friends. And they saw Ms. Messham! They were very excited to see their librarian visiting them in their neighborhood! Ms. Flowers and Ms. Plunkett saw some Walker friends too!

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