How to repair a motorcycle fairing CHEAP!

all the fairings off that I need to repair now I just got a fiberglass it and then bondo it sand it and paint it I should be able to get this thing back to a hundred percent and it’s honestly it’s probably going to run me just for this I mean I’m thinking about a hundred bucks to get it back up and running alright guys so here is the VFR is broken Farren I can push the crack together and it’ll sit pretty close to what it’s supposed to so what I’m going to do clear cleaner this was $7.00 at Lowe’s and some medium cement PVC clear that was about $5 at Lowe’s so 13 bucks it was with tax but we’re going to do is we’re going to use this to tip we’re going to use the cleaner take the q-tip cleaner and then just put it in the inside of this crack as much as we can we can’t since it’s not a full crack that goes all the way through we’re not going to be able to do like much up here we’re just going to try to do the best we can as long as this holds it and here’s the view from underneath you can see just goes right up to here so I might be able to just squeeze some in but well no we’ll give it a shot now this isn’t meant to be a tutorial so I can film everything exactly how to do r6 fairings

it I’m just going to kind of show little bits and pieces yeah see the q-tip won’t fit really well in there so I’m just going to try my best the this does come with a brush so am I trying to make use of that all right so be careful with this clear because it actually strips paint luckily and painting it anyway but I mean if I didn’t know that would it kind of sucked this and I’m just going to start coating the inside of this crack as much as I can I’m going to be very liberal at the amount I use and once it’s coated I’m going to take some tape and just tape it shut and I’m going to leave it there for about a day so I went ahead and push the crack together and made it look neat and then I held different about a minute and once I let go it kind of held it together long enough for you to put some Gorilla Tape on it and put the Gorilla Tape on it and I took clamps and push the clamps on the crack to line it up so now it’s sitting lined up correctly I’m going to leave it there overnight and while that’s way in I’m gonna start working the other ones so now I got this nasty crack this one’s a little bit harder than the other one you know we’re going to just give it our best same thing as the last one I’m gonna clean up as best as I can and once that is done I will go ahead and put the sealer inside hold it together for about a minute put tape on it and maybe a couple clamps if needed and I’m gonna let it all sit in way today I hate to do this but it has to be done I thought that was going to come off way cleaner this via four stick is so cool but paint this whole fairing so sticker that that always has to come off what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go ahead and sand it not going to wet sand it just regular sand there’s still us to dry anyway for I mean I think it’s pretty much good to go but I’m going to let it dry a little extra alright here it is all sand it down there’s my sand paper covered in red which is what you want now I’m just need a bond to it andö that and andö those that’s good for pain I took some dish soap and just spray the fairings down with it because that will move all the wax they’ll gonna use paint thinner and the down okay alright so here are the pieces unfortunately that’s only be able to do today but they are sanded down and I use paint thinner on them to get as much as I put off I’m going to sand them again next time I was probably a couple days because we’re going to get some rain here but my next thing is really to UM spot putty this and bondo this and then sand it down some more and just try to get that as flat as possible sand with this right here I’m going to just try to bond to one or some of these scratches make it all nice and smooth so you might not end up needing this so those have the Box wasted but I’m gonna swap play this and just see what happens if I have to bond it all bandha or guys wear gloves if you can sometimes I forget some stupid also it’s very important to always read the directions always clean the area what I like to use a alcohol because it evaporates very quickly you can see it’s already evaporating so if this paint know what I like about the spot putty is you don’t have to mix it so anyway go ahead and take a little bit of this you okay apply it right over the crack we’re just going to smooth right over it just like that we’re going to keep doing it what we’re going to do is we’re going to find our first Bend layer we’re going to do that till the crack looks pretty decent then once we do that we can let it dry for a half-hour stand it with the foreigner grit sandpaper or undo it again five three times okay so I did the first layer of small putty it’s feeling pretty smooth I just kind of did in any area that had scratches what I’m going to do is a little this dry thirty minutes then we come back and stand it that 400 grit paper then I’m going to come back and then once that’s gone I’ll wash it and then I’ll put some more spot putty and rinse repeat until it’s good all right here comes the fun part I’m gonna take some 400 grit sandpaper and I’m going to lightly sand it try to get it as smooth as possible I’m now done with my second sanding I’ve already coated with them spot party sanded it and I towed it again it does my second time sanding it I’m just stealing right here it’s pretty smooth there’s still some little divots right about here and here and say over here this is that they grab though as their reports that’s pretty tough because at the point I feel like create 2006 gsxr 600 fairings it back so I’m not going to get it perfect I’m pretty satisfied it was this now but it’s got around this little Morrison sandpaper but overall that feeling pretty smooth double dipper right here I gotta fill in right here there was all that cracking material on the front head paring and that’s actually feeling pretty smooth here’s that big crack was completely invisible now one especially once I painted wanting to be able to know that I was ever cracked I just need a little bit of a spot putty right there a little wet but overall it’s turning out pretty good I want to film more of this but my phone is already covered with this dust you can see when it’s everywhere all of my cable and everything but now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to clean all this dust off so I’m sopia some dish detergent in some water and a blue rag to do a good job at that okay so I just did the third coat on these bearings on the camera they actually looked pretty good when I tell you right now in real real life you can see lots of little yeah like that’s terrible right there see what the spot putty is this one came out a lot better but I missed a scratch right there that still needs to be sanded down a little more and more putty on the inside here you can see a lot of crap this part right here though actually looks pretty damn good I did a good job with that the easy spots are nice and easy to sand it flat but that looks really nice I’m glad with that all right so this is just when wet-sanded I kind of dried it a little bit but it’s still a little bit wet which is why you see some of those stuff on here I got a what can we use down more but unfortunately the stink alone as good as I wanted like in CD scratch is still in here

they need to be spawn party to flattened even more something happened where I had to basically get the via far ready within like a day so I’d have time to really perfect anything and so I just took it all apart again and I’m going to try to at least get the right paint color on side the wrong paint before I can myself is too much longer I need to actually SL the VFR if you are seeing this video that means it’s already been sold okay bow anyway we’re going to continue with this so I got this I’ll go and of a stolen painting okay first coat very very light okay a little heavier than cute again let’s go play a little bit right again oh good go to this side [Applause] okay a little heavier than I wanted to go but that’s fine [Applause] so now I’ve been wet ending the clear coat just I using some 1000 grit so I’m just lightly wet sanding the clear coat I already did that piece over there I can already see a lot of imperfections but honestly I’m not going to do this all again on my last coat of clear a friggin bug will write into it you can see it right there and there’s still some scratches and high spot the lowest when it’s it’s not going to be perfect but you know what I thought about it and even if this was perfect it would just look weird the other side of the bike is not perfect so whatever few scratches and it should be done with it put it back together sell it anyway next step is polisher all right here’s the final product look at the color match I think it’s pretty damn close motorcycle fairings the only bad thing is this is like a gloss color this is like a matte which believe it or not is how it was before when I started and I think I could bring a gloss out if I took a polisher and put it on a spinning wheel and I might still do that I recut all the vinyl and put them right there just like how it was before nothing goes in that hole anymore because what piece broke right now this is all just taped but I might put vinyl there too because vinyl wrap this Honda thing or might just leave it I don’t think it affects the resale value that much but we’ll see over here we do have orange peel and just general bad texture there’s nothing I can really do for that here is that big crack for pretty much completely sealed except for right in there again if I just had more time for more prep work I could have got it really good overall though I think you came out pretty good I mean that first glance you don’t notice it at all I think I’m going to still polish it up a little bit make it a little bit a shinier but come on I mean that it that looks really good and I’m looking at the camera right now and I’m looking in person and the cameras not like distorting anything or making a look better than actually is this is actually what it looks like so I’m pretty happy about that so anyway guys this is the end of the VFR but it’s on to newer and better things because as someone’s going to replace this vehicle and I’m sorry Vicky I’m going to miss you you’re an awesome bike gear-driven cams of a poor engine very sporty and comfortable and just a great motorcycle but it it is time to move on alright guys hope you enjoyed it if you did be sure to leave a like