Suzuki GS500 review

oh hello again I thought since then I have just take my GES to get a demo T for the fourth time since I’ve had it that I would actually do a review on it just to clarify it did pass the MOT no advisories so clean slate yet again but I thought since I’ve actually had it for four years now I would do a review about like how it is to live with things to look out for and so on and so forth just to revise any is out there that plan on buying GSL the bike and the tree and to be honest in my eyes I’ve actually seen coming at classic be one of those classics where one day it’s not the next year isn’t it boys trying to buy one people disagree with that now twenty years down the line you may not we’re talking us to love this by then because I get very attached to my more bikes and I’m not well at the society so anyway the further ado I shall go on with the review so how would I actually somewhat my gsyn a couple of words well bloody brilliant I’ve had no trouble I’ve wandered for four years now never had not a single bit of trouble it’s just being faultless in the twin cylinder engine it’s a hundred eighty degree crank double overhead cams two valves per cylinder it’s just a dream it’s got ample amounts of torque and it’ll just pull then I’ll get you a three finger number no problem on the speed stick so 2007 gsxr 600 fairings

they’re not sixty and five seconds this one will I don’t know about stock ones but this is slightly tuned as you saw no the only thing I did was replace the stainless steel I replaced the original exhaust for a stainless steel one just because the original exhaust is one sounds crap and two it looks like nobody’s business bit it’s basically about only gonna lose because it just rusts very quickly so I got rid of that and changed it for this one before it became a problem and this system sounds nice I’m sorry but twin bikes do have a nice Rumble too and this one definitely does and I also replace the air box with a lunch box fill a system from K&N I’ve also got little breather here which would originally end up in the air box but that had to go and I’ve got to set region plugs on there just because well he don’t have to change him as much as a normal spark problem suppose it gives you a cleaner combustion brought to him I think that’s a bit here you see but they’ve worked good for me basically the only problem and one that I have not had because I have got I am very EML with the cleaning of all my bikes is rust now normally with the gs500 and more Suzuki’s you will find you will rust on the rear swing on because if PS he hasn’t been protected properly and there’s just a fable of Suzuki’s but busy all the gunk off the rear tire ends up collected in this area here and all the salt all the road gunk just starts to eat away at the swing arms and all the paths at the rear here it should really have an extender to him mudguard going down here or even a hugger which I know some people have done just protected but because ninja 250r fairings

every time clammy biker get in here and get all the gunk out it’s kinda not set in which is a good thing and as you can see this key all this bike is rust free just because I’m not Ian or with it and I don’t know what else to really say that easy to you can maintain them yourself you can service them yourself it’s not like a new bike this is this bikes 13 you all that still got the MCV carburetors on but if something goes wrong I would say get out with 10 times you can fix it yourself you don’t have to be a savvy mechanic to work on them it does help if yourself a mechanic because you can work on and well but you don’t really need that much nor how because everything is just straight at hand I’ve had this bike in bits and put it back together within a couple hours when I’m doing basically the carburation stripping the mountain stuff it’s just such a nice bike to to work on this bike is also very comfortable in me being a shot a Simoni 5 foot 6 I can sit on it pretty well any feet I bought on the force subtle solidly and also up because I do take my girlfriend on a lot of bike rides with me if when the gwah was on it’s a club or so on and so forth and this bike has no problem trouble actually doing to up it’s it just feels like you haven’t got anybody on the only thing that you mean this is the handlings a bit more slow and wallowy but other than that it’s great the engine doesn’t hit kids just go and go I’m not going to complete miles per gallon you’ll get the good 55 miles there miles to gallon of the tank I’ve done 100 and it’s snowing about 130 miles who gunned the tank before you get on reserve with this bike I don’t know if a stock one will do anymore because it’s not tuned because and all this is running rich just because I like this bite wound which it’s got a bit more grunt and what else parts of cheap if you need to swap anything out it’s BS agree just go on eBay get something up the quid put it on and get a full engine for less than 100 quid him for parts if you wanted it it’s just this little bike and it’s just a shame there isn’t more than around because to be honest I’m finding these rarer and rarer to actually see out in the Lord in the last year I’ve only seen in Rambo five or six and even that’s at full rallies and I really do think this will becoming a modern classic and it’s alright just because people normally use a map use 2008 zx6r fairings them and took on the wear surgery at after but to be honest isn’t fair because the design dates back from the nineteen seventies this actually originated from the GS 250 and the GS 400 and then that evolved into this which basically the engine is busy the same it’s just got bigger balls on it than Pistons but yeah overall I would give this bike a good 9 out of 10 just like a CA watch out for the rough spots and keep it clean and you’ll have no trouble and keep a regularly service because a regularly serviced bike is a happy bacon and I also give you another tip if you don’t if you’re not into cleaning your bikes try and get out of that habit because when you clean your bike you learn what the bike is or what it’s doing cause if you clean the baton or something like that is slightly flatter you’ve got a bit weeping in the brake lines or something like that the bike tells you when you’re clean but if you just ignore it you’ll go out one day it’ll break down or something like that I just I’m a I’m a good believer and if you treat the bait well it will treat you well and all people just go that’s bloody silly you know it’s an inanimate object it doesn’t care if you clean it or not but it’s true if you keep it in good working order it’ll take care you and just I do have a lot of faith when it comes to that so it’s the philosophy I live by with all my bikes and cars that’s basically it a good little bike yeah so going from the 2000s open to modern dear with all these wind turbines grew for my secret super secret testing facility just outside the dome I shall see is around him see Efrain because it’s nice sunny week so hopefully everybody be getting out on the bikes and all sure will I will went in between work so yeah keep safe and I shall see you soon