We are Live!

Today is the day!

Our Books on Bikes fundraising campaign has launched along with our amazing video, created with the help of Light House Studio. You’ve seen the photos and read about our day with Light House, now you get to see the result!



Our Kickstarter runs for 20 days, today May 1 – the afternoon of May 21. We have 20 days to make $5,000. I know we can do it. We have such wonderful friends and supporters. We’ll be riding around on those super cool bikes in no time.

How can you help?

We need donors, any amount helps. You can also really help us out by sharing our Kickstarter link, Facebook page, Twitter posts, and just by talking about us to people you know. The people you know are probably really cool, and really cool people love supporting literacy projects for kids.

We have some fun rewards for our donors including bookmarks, t-shirts, caricatures, and personalized summer reading lists. Our shirts are really popular so supporting us through Kickstarter will guarantee you’ll get one. I mean, look how awesome they are! Did I mention they are hand screen printed by us? I’m serious!

shirtsWhere will we be next?

We will have our Books on Bikes table set up at the Charlottesville City Market on Saturday, May 3. Ms. Flowers will be drawing caricatures for donations, you can pick up a Books on Bikes bookmark, find out about our bike parade to JMRL on June 7, and talk to us about our project.