Burly Fairings

howdy this is Lemmy RevZilla here to talk to you today about burly fairings you should be checking out a burly ferry for your bike if you’re looking to change up the aesthetic your bike and maybe you also are hoping to get a teensy little bit of wind protection we’ll talk a little bit more about what you can expect out of these in just a moment now you should know that Burley is making these really with a bent towards harley-davidson there’s no reason that these can’t be fitted to a different motorcycle just keep in mind the proportions of these really are designed for hd’s they’re gonna work on just about anything from a 35 millimeter front end right down up to a 49 it’s gonna cover probably 40 different years of harley-davidson so whether motorcycle fairings you’re on a sporty or you’re on a dyno or perhaps you’re on an old shovel something on here might actually look pretty good on your motorcycle simply because they’re designed to work with them proportionally remember to that these are also designed for bikes with naked front ends you need to strip front undone there so if you’ve got a ferry

if you’ve got glass if you’ve got other stuff on your front end obviously these aren’t going to work with that first moving those pieces installation on these kind of ranges in terms of difficulty the actual mechanical install probably is gonna be a difficult one or an easy to be order for most of you there are some things too that could kick it into a three beard we’ll talk about some of those factors in just a little bit first though let’s talk about the fairings themselves so you can see obviously we have a couple different styles up here again none of these are made for any particular motorcycles so really this is gonna be an aesthetic choice for you you can obviously see some of the differences here just moving left to right real quickly you’ll see we have the outlaw fairing we’ve got a standard Touring in front of me and over here we’ve got a cafe sport obviously each of these bring in their own flavor to the game one of the things that should also be noted too is the touring fairing can actually be fitted with an optional tall shield that is something you can throw on there if you do desire a little more wind protection if you’re trying to get some function out of these I would say primarily what you’re looking at here is an aesthetic change to your motorcycle these really are gonna keep some of the air off of your chest maybe your shoulders you’re not gonna get me you know the benefit of having a full-on batwing on the front of your bike but that’s not really what these things you’re designed for these are kind of the minimalist fairing just designed to get the worst of the beating off of you so let’s talk about to that word I just used the shield now obviously these fairings have an integrated wind shield that I’m using air quotes there because they’re not really a wind shield 2008 zx6r fairings you can’t actually see them they are completely Oh these things are not actually windshields in the traditional sense they merely have the appearance of a windshield these fairies are created out of ABS plastic personally I prefer that material to fiberglass I find it’s a little bit more flexible a little bit more forgiving for a lot of people it can be a superior choice the other thing that’s nice about them too is they are ready for paint so keep in mind again we have the windshields installed on here most of you will probably pull those off and leave them black while these are in very nice shape you can see obviously is a very nice finish on the ABS plastic here these things really are designed to accept paint even if you have a black bike you know Burley is expecting you’re gonna blow some paint onto these that having been said I have seen these things next to a gloss black motorcycle the match is very very close I can imagine some of you folks who are a little bit on the cheaper side maybe pulling one of these things out Bolton up to your Forks and not telling anybody there’s actually no paint on your fairings I promise I won’t tell either still though

you should account for the fact that these things are not necessarily going to come right out of the box they’re not going to be necessarily protected so you may get some box wear some shelf wear because Burley is expecting that you are going to paint these things so that moves us really into the installation aspect of things here so installation is a little bit different than I first expected these things do come with brackets they are again designed to bolt up to your 35 49 millimeter you know anything in that range and again ninja 250r fairings they are taking into account standard harley-davidson spacing there’s no reason that you can’t adapt one of these to another motorcycle all of these are gonna be a custom installation to some degree or another so depending on what you’re putting it on you may have a really easy time or you may need to do a little finagling now these things are actually attached to your motorcycle in a way that I thought was kind of interesting yet intriguing but it also does kind of work you see all these radiator hose clamps up here that’s exactly what’s gonna hold one of these on to your motorcycle you’ll also see a stack of what appears to be heat shrink tubing Burley is expecting you’re going to slip that heat shrink tubing over your radiator clamps in order to keep them kind of looking you know a little bit cleaner a little bit tighter on the bike again kind of a creative mounting solution not necessarily the one that I would first expect to see with a fairing but again it helps keep the price down sure they’re more fancy and there are way nicer locking systems out there they also cost hundreds of dollars more than a Burley trying to get that cool guy look and you don’t necessarily need every perfect detail just right with the mounting this actually might be the way to fly for you so let’s talk about that installation really briefly again for most of you I think it’s gonna be fairly simple you’re gonna want your standard assortment of hand tools you are gonna have to get a little bit of creative get a little creative at a couple things some of you will be moving your turn signals to be rewiring a few things maybe eliminate eliminating lights from the front of your bike

you may have a little bit of jockeying to do rerouting cables etc sand not rubbing on the fairing anywhere I’m gonna say that that’s difficult one easy two beard territory depending on exactly what you need to do to make the fairing work with your motorcycle the thing that possibly bumps this up into three beard territory is again that paint and bodywork we talked about earlier I don’t think these things would need anything more than maybe a light skin coat of bondo if that these things are not in bad shape at all they are ready to accept paint but you do actually have to blow some paint on here it’s gonna be matching the paint on r6 fairings your bike or perhaps pulling off your tins and repainting everything the same color but you should plan on body and paint happening if you plan on installing one of these fairings now as it stands I got to be honest with you I think these are pretty good fairing these are low-cost option for those who don’t want to go out there you don’t want to spend a billion dollars trying to get that cool guy Club style or aggressive FXR look on your bike however my opinion is not the only game in town click that info button see what some riders who are rocking a burly fairing on their rig already have to say about it I’ve need a little bit more individualized attention we can definitely provide that to you as well whether it’s something as simple as fitment or maybe you want a little bit of detail but what you might have to do as far as installing one of these on your particular motorcycle we can help get in touch to one of our very friendly gear geeks see us at revzilla.com or you can always pick up the phone and give us a jingle eight seven seven seven nine two nine four five five now let me I’m out of here