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  • Suzuki SV650 First Ride Review at RevZilla

    There may be some motorcycle accessories you need´╝Ümotorcycle fairings Spurgeon here with RevZilla and I’m in beautiful Southern California for the launch of the all-new sv650 and it’s about damn time that Suzuki has brought this bike back to the US and that’s because they got rid of this bike in 2009 they replaced it […]

  • Suzuki GS500 review

    oh hello again I thought since then I have just take my GES to get a demo T for the fourth time since I’ve had it that I would actually do a review on it just to clarify it did pass the MOT no advisories so clean slate yet again but I thought since I’ve […]

  • Regular Car Reviews 2011 Triumph Daytona 675

    There may be some motorcycle accessories you need´╝Ümotorcycle fairings only the crowns country could assemble a euphoric SportBike in such a way that the only sensation you take away from the riding experience is pain oh so butter well you hate my taste then you hate my bike I can’t let it stand I can’t […]

  • How to repair a motorcycle fairing CHEAP!

    all the fairings off that I need to repair now I just got a fiberglass it and then bondo it sand it and paint it I should be able to get this thing back to a hundred percent and it’s honestly it’s probably going to run me just for this I mean I’m thinking about […]

  • Burly Fairings

    howdy this is Lemmy RevZilla here to talk to you today about burly fairings you should be checking out a burly ferry for your bike if you’re looking to change up the aesthetic your bike and maybe you also are hoping to get a teensy little bit of wind protection we’ll talk a little bit […]