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Spurgeon here with RevZilla and I’m in beautiful Southern California for the launch of the all-new sv650 and it’s about damn time that Suzuki has brought this bike back to the US and that’s because they got rid of this bike in 2009 they replaced it with the Gladius and the Gladius just never won our hearts over the way the little SV did so look at the new bike they’ve gone back to the original round headlight design they’ve cleaned up the overall lines and the bike and this bike looks like it’s taking us back in time to what that original SV was and that original SV was a little multi used tool in Suzuki’s lineup it was a bike that beginners could get on they could feel comfortable approaching yet it was nimble and light enough that advanced riders use it as a track tool to go to the track and really have some fun with it there as well so it really wore many hats and Suzuki’s lineup so what we’ve done is we’ve broken away from the pack and we’ve come up here to Angeles Crest Highway which is one of my favorite roads here in LA to really get some one-on-one time with this bike for the first ride review now if you’re not familiar with that a first ride review is where we get on this bike for a few miles we just give you our initial impressions in addition to that we also have forum bike reviews gear reviews parts reviews as well as countless other videos to aid you in your Moto universe so make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to keep up with all the video content we have rolling out at as for me I’m going to suit up and then we’re going to have some fun on this very twisty road so leave it off back there at the side of the road we were talking about the overall stylings of the new SV and really the changes that we’ve seen the 2006 gsxr 600 fairings

engineers from Suzuki make is they been banned in that overall a futuristic style of the Gladius but they maintain some of that modern feel but look up front they brought back that round headlight really nice classic lines and you would expect from an SV 650 and they maintain some of the more modern look with that trellis frame running down the side it gives it a nice modern feel while still holding true to what the original SV was now in addition to those styling changes they’ve made modifications to the engine it’s still going to be that 650 l twin that we’ve really come to love but they’ve made it more efficient and they’ve done that by making changes to the throttle bodies the exhaust as well as the airbox to give this bike about five more horsepower you look at it like a seventy five horsepower total now the torque curve is going to hit a little bit higher in the rpm range and you get this really nice linear feel when you’re playing around with this bike so for new riders you know you keep it below 5,000 rpm it’s not going to be intimidating it’s gonna give you a nice mild response and then when you get above 5,000 rpm all the way up to the redline just north of 10,000 rpm it gets really aggressive and it becomes really fun and that’s where I spend most of my time on this bike now one of the things to know with this is that not a lot of other manufacturers out there are using a 650 v-twin anymore help not many other manufacturers is that they’re using a v-twin in this middle-way category Ducati used to have the small monsters but they’ve gotten rid of those so your real competition is coming into play with the bike like the the FCO 7 from yamaha or ninja 650 and both those bikes are running parallel twins that just doesn’t give you that same feel as a 90° v-twin engine so what are

2006 zx6r fairings

the problems that the old SV had was the throttle response you can see right here is going to still use a cable actuated throttle but they’ve modified the overall throttle bodies and what’s cool about this is you no longer have to really you don’t worry about buying a Power Commander right away you no longer have to worry about getting blop off plates to really get the throttle response right because they’ve modified this to include what they call a low rpm assist and what that does is it’s actuated by my clutch lever so when I let the clutch out it opens up work in the actual throttle bodies and then what that does is it allows the fuel to come on before I even start pulling back on the throttle and this is going to be great for new riders as well as advanced riders so some of the things you’re going to see on this bike that are carryovers from the older version definitely going to be the brake setup on this so the blank it’s going to run a dual caliper setup in the front each caliper is two Pistons and then in the back you have a single piston Nissen caliper no surprises here there is going to be an ABS version but the ABS is going to run you a $500 premium over the $7000 base price now I’m on the white bike right now there’s also a red version I got a chance to ride both but something to consider if you’re interested in ABS only available in the red now with the suspension on this bike this is the one thing that I would have really loved I’ve seen Suzuki update it’s that 41 millimeters show a suspension up front you do have a single shock out back with seven positions are preload and four new routers it’s gonna be completely adequate the suspension didn’t disappoint me it’s just that when you really start pushing it to the corners you want a little bit more and I’m going to guess that most of you advanced riders it’s probably going to be the first thing you’re going to want to modify so speaking of modifications I think Newcomb’s ranch is just a few miles up the road let me pull over I’m gonna grab some lunch and then we’re going to dive into some other modifications you might want to consider if you’re gonna get this bike so we’re wrapping up our day here with the Suzuki sv650 and I’ve tackled about 200 miles on this motorcycle it’s great to see that Suzuki is finally be coming out with a bike that’s going to give yo maja a run for the money with their f07 the fact this bike comes in around that $7000 price point is great for two reasons one for new riders if you’re looking to step up from something like a 250 or 300 and get into this bike there’s really not much you have to do it’s an affordable price point you can get on this bikes you can ride it you can have some fun now you might want to throw a new exhaust in there and let that v-twin sing its song a little bit louder or maybe you want to get rid of that big bulky rear fender with a fender eliminator kit but either way you can hop on this bike and you can have a great time now for you advanced riders out there at seven thousand dollar price point means you have a few extra dollars left in the bank to modify this bike the way you want it that means maybe some rear sets maybe put some woodcraft clip ons on take it to the track or you go the route of the old sv650 you get on eBay you find somebody to wreck the Gixxer you buy the whole front end and you just bolt the whole front end right onto this bike what I’d really love to see is I’d love to see this modification come from Suzuki maybe the next year or two you release an sv650 R with an updated front end that’s something that I would be willing to spend the extra money on to get that done from the factory now I’ve got to tackle a few miles today and there’s some nuance that I picked up with this motorcycle that I simply just didn’t have time to cover in this first ride video review so make sure to head over to comment read and read my detailed write-up of the full first ride of the SV 650 and make sure to subscribe to us on youtube to keep up with all the reviews that we have rolling out from full bike reviews to gear reviews to product reviews we’ve got you covered at as for me I’m starving and Newcomb’s has one of the best cheeseburgers around so I’m running and grab a burger and I’m going to thank you for joining us for this first ride of the SV 650 i’m spurge enjoy the ride you